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Become a VolunPEER™ mentor

VolunPEER™ Mentors,

Connecting as a VolunPEER™ Mentor will offer your shared lived experiences, resources and support to someone else in need.

You’ve been through an experience that can be shared to support and serve someone else.

As you give you too will receive from the joy and peace found in acts of kindness which research shows are good for both our minds and hearts!

Reciprocal Peer Support for Wellness was created based on the foundation that we are STRONGER TOGETHER!

VolunPEER™ Mentors will receive simple training to inform your connection to someone in need of peer support and as their mentor you will share lived experience, provide active listening skills, and offer resources for self-care and resilience building TOGETHER!

Perhaps you are a First Responder (Police Fire EMS, Military), Clergy, Teacher, Medical Professional, Mom, Dad, Survivor of Suicide, Traumatic loss, medical illness or Disasters, LGBTQIA+, Athlete, College Student, or caregiver your resilience can be shared as a VolunPEER™ Mentor.

Becoming a VolunPEER™ mentor you are taking the next step to share your unique journey to serve and heal someone else in need.

You’re ready to become a VolunPEER™ mentor if:

  • You’re an adult at least 18 years of age and ideally one year beyond your lived experience.
  • You’re ready to listen to someone else’s story
  • Feel comfortable mentoring and able to separate your emotions while comforting someone new to their experience.
  • Can attend and complete the VounPEER training program successfully.

How to become a peer mentor:

  • Complete a VolunPEER™ peer mentor application
  • Attend a peer mentor training either online or in person
  • Complete a written training course (optional, but highly encouraged)

The VolunPEER™ Mentor Program team reviews all applications, for more information, contact us at 551 312-7578 or email


VolunPEER™ offers two training options: an interactive, virtual training and an in-person classroom training. Both trainings feature the same information and are about four hours.

Once your training is complete and you feel ready to support others; we will welcome you to our VolunPEER™ Mentor team as a resource to connect with those in need.

Virtual Training

The virtual training is conducted through Zoom, a video conferencing tool where you will participate in a live discussion with VolunPEER™ staff and other VolunPEER™ Mentors taking the training. This forum allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home and choose from multiple dates that suit your schedule. You need to have reliable Internet connection, a webcam and microphone in your computer, and be comfortable using technology.

If you aren’t able to attend one of the scheduled virtual trainings, email VolunPEER™ and we can work with you to find a time that will fit your schedule.

In-Person Classroom Training

If you prefer learning in a more traditional setting, VolunPEER™ offers in-person classroom trainings. You can complete the four-hour classroom training in a location near you with details provided at the time of your request.


Thank you for your interest in becoming an VolunPEER™ Mentor. Becoming a VolunPEER™ mentor is a way to give back, support other adult (ages 19+) and VolunPEER™! Completing this application is the first step to becoming a VolunPEER™ Mentor. Once you submit this form, the VolunPEER™ Mentor Team will review your application and contact you.

Please note: As the application is long, it is recommended you review the form in full, type your answers to the questions at the bottom into a word document first, then copy and paste into the application and submit.

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